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Which PLASTIC YoYoFactory YoYo Should YOU Buy?

Although inexpensive in comparison to the numerous metal yoyos available on the market, there are still some plastic yoyos which are just as good. If not, even better than metals.

Maybe it’s my nostalgia talking, but I there’s something about plastic yoyos which make it feel like you’re playing with a toy. I always have one in my bag to travel it. They’re durable and I don’t feel as bad if I accidentally hit it on the ground.

Below I go over some of YoYoFactory’s current (2016) plastic unresponsive yoyos. This will give you an idea on which yoyo is the right one for you. Enjoy!


Replay Pro
Hubstack (Afterglow)
Grind Machine (not shown)
Flight (4A)

You can find these yoyos here at: https://www.yoyofactory.com

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